Stay connected and inspire the next generation.

Why should you join our Alumni?

You’ve achieved your qualification and rightly so, you feel proud of your success. We are proud of you too, but our relationship doesn’t have to end. By joining our Alumni, you are opening up the door to new opportunities, personal and professional development and real lifelong benefits.

It enables you to maintain your links with the college, keep in touch with fellow students through events and socials, whilst inspiring the next generation.

Build your own contacts and professional networks, be kept informed of job opportunities and enjoy access to a range of resources and savings. With all these benefits, surely the question is, why shouldn’t you join our Alumni?

What are the benefits


Through our active events and social programme, you can reconnect with fellow students, meet new Kirklees Alumni and create your own professional and personal network whilst having a great time.

Stay connected

Stay informed and keep up to date with developments and opportunities at Kirklees College and make sure you’re making the most of your membership benefits.

Inspire a generation

Share your experiences and help to shape the next generation of learners by working together to create opportunities and change lives.
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As a member of Alumni, you have access to a wide range of benefits at the College including:

  • Gym and Sports Facilities
  • Hair and Beauty salons
  • Restaurant
  • Conferencing – 20% discount on classroom room and conference centre hire
  • Special discounts on adult leisure courses
  • Access to our Learning Resource Centres

When you began your studies at Kirkless College, we became partners in your learning and your future. We would love that partnership to continue and as a member of our Alumni, we are keen to work with you to ensure we continue to deliver the best learning experience and opportunities for our students.

You can support us in so many ways, including:

Improve the college study programme

We invite your input as we plan future courses. You can help steer our curriculum to support our current and future students prepare for the world of work.

Guest speaker

Inspire our students with your story. Talk them through your journey, from studying at Kirklees College to where you are today. Share the highs and lows and show them what’s possible.


You can help mentor one of our students, offering advice and building their confidence to achieve their potential with Kirklees College.

Live brief

Put forward and commission a working brief for our students. This offers a real-life working experience for our students and will also help benefit your company.

Work experience

Kirklees College loves to provide real working experience for its students and your company could not only help a student get work experience, but it can also bring benefits to your company. You will be able to recruit students for voluntary work experience opportunities.


As an alumni member, you have the opportunity to join our Business Partner programme. By working in partnership with us you will have access to an incredible array of talent, state of the art facilities and a wide selection of business partners.

Notable Alumni




Our former student, actress Jodie Whittaker, studied Performing Arts at Kirklees College. Jodie, well known for her role in Dr Who as the Doctor, has been described by her teacher Maureen as a “brilliant and fearless student.”

After Kirklees College, Jodie graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2005 with a gold medal in Acting. Since then she has worked continually in film, television and theatre.

Fes Batista


Meet our Alumnus, Fes Batista, who studied a National Diploma in Public Services at Kirklees College. Completing units in teamwork, leadership and psychology, Fess says that the course at Kirklees College was absolutely crucial for his development into his career. He is now a successful boxer after being signed by boxing legend Roy Jones Jnr.


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