At Kirklees College, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best educational experience available. In addition to supporting and challenging students to develop their skills and knowledge in the classroom, we want to give them the opportunity to put these skills into practice and gain valuable experience in the workplace, in voluntary and business settings.

Work & Industry Placements

All students on a study programme will complete a placement. Placements range in length as some courses require students to complete a fixed number of placements hours to achieve their qualification. Placement requirements will be discussed during the application and enrolment process.

Work Placements are 30+ hours in a role relevant to the qualification being studied to give an insight into working in that industry.

Industry Placements is an elite programme offering selected students 315+ hours of extensive qualification relevant experience, plus they receive additional support to develop their employability skills including finding and applying for roles, interview preparation and CV writing.

All students have a dedicated Placement Officer allocated to their curriculum area to help them find and plan their placements and support them with making the most of the opportunity.

Benefits of a placement

  • Students gain ‘real-life’ work experience in an industry they are interested in.
  • Relevant experience can help make a CV or UCAS application stand out from the crowd.
  • Provides valuable employer feedback to support with future job applications.
  • Builds skills valued by employers such as teamwork, communication and adaptability.
  • Some students have been offered part time work on completion of their placement.

Employers offering a placement​

We would love to hear from you if you are an employer looking to offer a placement. We are always looking for organisations who want to commit to taking on suitable students and put them through their paces.

KC Voluntary

KC Volunteer encourages students to partake in voluntary work in the community and makes it easy for them to find an opportunity that suits them.
Interested in Volunteering in the community opeing the doors to a range of opportunites then contact our team now. KC Volunteer offers students an array of experience in different business settings.

Benefits of being a KC Volunteer

  • Experience in a variety of voluntary settings
  • Support to help students engage with voluntary organisations
  • Acknowledgement of their contribution to the community with a certificate to add to their personal record of achievement.

Your Questions Answered

All students studying at a vocational college have to gain valuable work experience as part of their programme of study. Some qualifications and study programmes require placements to be completed to pass the qualification.


When you enrolled in college, you were given details on how many hours you will need to complete on your placement and agreed to complete this.

Placements are planned during main college hours in addition to existing timetabled classes. Placements planned outside of these times are planned in agreement with the student and their parent/guardian.

Placements are planned throughout the academic year, although some courses set specific weeks for this activity. Students need to be flexible to attended when opportunities are found and placement activity planned into their timetable.

Placements should focus on learning but some part-time jobs may qualify to be used for placement if it is directly linked to the qualification been studied.


The placement employer will still need to be vetted by the Placement Officer and the placement planned the same as all other placement activity. 

Students are actively encouraged to look for an employer to complete their industry placement with as this builds their recruitment skills. Placement Officers will work with students to find the right placement linked to their qualification.


Students can only start a placement once their Placement Officer has confirmed the placement details and checked Health & Safety compliance.

There is no requirement for employers to pay students on a placement as they are supporting student learning, however some employers may choose to reimburse expenses.


A proportion of students impress their placement employers and are offered paid work after their placement finishes.

Students on bursary can claim additional support for travel to their placement. There is some funding available to support eligible students on industry placements with additional costs they may incur whilst completing an extended placement.

If students are not able to attend their placement they must contact both the employer and their Placement Officer before they are due to start. If students are unable to attend they may be required to make up the hours missed at the end of their placement.

In the first few weeks of college students meet their Placement Officer and receive a full placement induction, they can discuss any concerns at this time.


If there are any concerns or if something goes wrong during placement, students can phone or email their Placement Officer to discuss this, they will be able to provide support and help resolve any problems.