Help with the costs of studying

We don’t want financial worries to stop you from coming to Kirklees College. Whether you are applying for grants or loans, or need to understand the types of support and funding available, we have a team in place and lots of information available to help answer any questions you may have.

Financial Support Team

If you need to talk through the types of financial support that could be available to you, please contact one of our team who can discuss all the options with you.

Students aged 16 to 19

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund provides financial support to help students overcome specific financial barriers to help them remain in education.

You can download an application or contact us to have one posted or emailed to you – you can also pick one up from college. To be eligible your household income must be below £26,000 per year. 


If you want to discuss please email or Freephone on 0800 804 6134.

Download financial support terms & conditions here

If your household income is above £26,000 but the cost of attending college will be difficult for you, you can still apply. You will need to provide income details along with supporting documents that clarify why you will find it difficult to pay.

There are various financial support funds available: –

  • 16-19 Vulnerable Young Person Bursary
  • 16-19 Discretionary Bursary
  • 19+ Discretionary Learner Support (DLS)
  • 20+ Childcare – Discretionary Learner Support (DLS)
  • Advanced Learner Loan Bursary, including help with childcare and learning support
  • Free College Meals
  • Care to Learn – help with childcare cost for under 20s

Yes, but you need to apply every year.  You must be 16-18 years old on 31 August 2020 or have an EHCP or be a 19+ continuer. Also you or your parents must be in receipt of one or more of the benefits shown on the main Financial Support page.


Free healthy breakfast is available to all learners at every college centre between 8.30 and 9.00am each day.

Please ask at the student finance desks or ask your Curriculum Support Administrator (CSA) for your course department. If you do not know who this is your tutor can advise you.

If you have any placement days as part of your course, please ensure that you complete a “Placement Days Form”, (found on the College Financial Support web page and also in person from the Financial Support Office) and submit it to the Financial Support Team once your tutor has completed it. If you fail to do this then, unfortunately, support may not be offered for any placement days that form part of your course.

The college Information Team can provide guidance with this, please contact them on 01484 437070 or Email

Support is available for students under the age of 20 through the Care to Learn Scheme.  Please see the following link for further information:

Students aged 20 and over can apply for support from the Discretionary Learner Support Fund.  Support can be used for Ofsted registered provision for children of pre-school age.  Application forms are available as above.

The EMA scheme in England is now closed.  The 16-19 Bursary Scheme replaced the EMA and offers support with course related expenses only; it is not a weekly allowance.

Students aged over 19

Students aged 19 or over, on a further education course and facing financial hardship, could get Learner Support. Funding is also available to students on a course at Level 3 and above and who are in receipt of an Advanced Learner Loan.

  • Transport
  • Course materials and equipment
  • Childcare 

Support is available to those on ESFA funded courses only.  Learners on Adult Education or Community courses are not eligible to apply.


Learners with a household income of £26,000 for 2018/19 are eligible to apply for the discretionary bursary if not in one of the vulnerable groups.  If household income exceeds this but paying for course costs will be a struggle, learners can still apply and will need to provide extra documentation.

Support for items such as kit, equipment, trips, books will be paid to the course department where possible.


  • Payments can be made into learners’ bank accounts if applicable.

Support will be given for the cheapest form of transport from home to college or placement.


  • Learners who are travelling from further afield may be eligible to receive support with train fares or parking fees.
  • Learners who use Kirklees Transport arranged through Kirklees Council may be eligible for support with the Parental Contribution fee.
  • Learners are expected to purchase weekly tickets if this is cheaper than buying daily tickets.
  • The main travel operator websites are:



20+ Childcare funding – for learners aged 20 or older on the first day of learning who are at risk of not starting or continuing learning because of childcare costs.


Childcare funding can only be used to pay for childcare for pre-school aged children who are with a childminder, provider or agency that is registered with Ofsted. Childcare funding cannot be used to fund informal childcare, such as that provided by a relative.


NEF 2 and 3 year old funding must be used to cover college hours.  Childcare funding can be used to cover any additional hours required. Priority is given to learners on full-time courses.

More Support

Supporting You

Kirklees College is committed to providing the highest standards of support to learners who have a disability or learning difficulty.

We have always taken a proactive approach in developing programmes and provision for all learners and are keen to support your individual needs and the needs of your family. Find out more about how our team can support your learning.


If you have a disability or learning difficulty, we are here to support you during your time at Kirklees College. We offer a wide range of specialist support and take a proactive approach in developing programmes and provisions that support your needs and those of your friends and family should you need it.

Find out more about how we can support you or get in touch if you would prefer to talk to one of our team.