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The demand for process manufacturing is now higher than ever, without it there would be no medicines, foods, drinks, oil, gas and so the list goes on. It’s a great industry if you’re looking for a career that’s hands on, creative and rewarding.

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A career in manufacturing has many benefits and as an industry it is currently enjoying an increased interest as a career of choice. As a country, the UK is investing to increase the volume of talented students looking for a future in process manufacturing. Kirklees College prides itself as a pioneer in this field, creating our Centre of Excellence, the Process Manufacturing Centre (PMC) and being the first college in England to offer a Supply Chain Apprenticeship, Level 3.

You will study at the PMC, our state-of-the-art process manufacturing training facility, collaboratively designed with employers to address their shared training needs. This is no ordinary learning environment. In addition to receiving industry standard training, our centre simulates a real time manufacturing plant where learning through practical, hands-on experience is central to your study and the courses and apprenticeships we deliver. Through our partnerships with employers you will be well connected to leaders in the manufacturing sector, giving you excellent opportunities to progress and succeed.

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Case Studies


Studying Apprenticeship in Processing Industry Operations Level 3

I think Kirklees College is the best around for engineering. The facilities are excellent – it’s great having a process manufacturing plant to practise on. Science and engineering are my passion.


Studying towards her Level 3 Diploma in Food and Drink Engineering

The Process Manufacturing Centre where we study has really great facilities and some of the top range equipment to work with, which helps us when we do go out to work with our employers. You really gain hands on practical experience in the factory room and the tutors have been amazing and really helped us through thick and thin.


Level 3 Supply Chain Practitioner Apprentice at Kautex Textron (UK) Ltd

I wanted to get into the world of work rather than continuing in the class room full time. An apprenticeship allowed me to achieve this and gain further qualifications at the same time. As an apprentice you get all three things you need for a great start to a career – experience, qualifications and money. It’s a brilliant choice.