Do you want to inspire our next generation? Are you passionate about ensuring that everyone receives a strong education? Are you looking for a career that’s rewarding, fun and varied? Yes…then teaching could be your future.

Teaching is more than just a job; as a teacher you can influence, motivate, guide and support students to over-come challenges, achieve their best and become positive individuals whose educational experience becomes the foundation of a bright future. Kirklees College offers a wide range of teaching courses and professional qualifications available across many levels.

Our teaching team work with you to develop your teaching skills, reflect on current ideas about education and training, whilst creatively exploring career options and supporting you on your journey to join this satisfying profession. by becoming a teacher, there is an opportunity to have a positive impact on a student’s life. Delivering good quality learning in a nurturing environment plays a vital role in developing and supporting a student’s self-esteem whilst moulding our future talent.

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Why work in the Teaching & Lecturing Industry?

Wide range of jobs in the Teaching & Lecturing Industry

A wide range of employers in the Teaching & Lecturing Industry

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There is a wide range of qualifications and levels available, but not all of them may be right for you. If you’re not sure what qualification type or level you should be searching for, take a look at our qualifications explained.

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We can help you find that perfect career even if you’re not sure what it is yet! At Kirklees College, our mission is to make you as successful as you can be, from finding the right career to gaining the right skills.